Responding to answers contained in a YOUGOV poll conducted by the Conservative Party in Northern Ireland the Parental Alliance for Choice in Education highlight apparent inconsistencies in education policy between here and the mainland. The poll answers were obtained on proposals for the ending of academic selection via the 11-plus in Northern Ireland The poll results demonstrate widespread rejection by the majority of respondents.


Stephen Elliott, Chairman of the Parental Alliance for Choice in Education, an organisation which represents parental rights in education throughout the U.K. said:

“While this finding is not unexpected it is clear that the proposals attacking grammar schools are likely to negatively affect the entire education system.”


“David Cameron and the Conservative Party must urgently address their policy decision to abandon support for academic selection Claims to support existing grammar schools throughout the UK ring hollow when the Conservative Party have abandoned support for selection entirely”


 Mr Elliott went on to reveal:


“Michael Gove MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, stated unequivocally on the BBC Andrew Marr Show on Sunday June 1st when asked about academic selection No, we don’t believe in selection.”

This message does not seemed to have reached Northern Ireland or the local Conservative party are attempting to con the electorate”


Concluding his remarks he said:


“Attempts by unelected representatives of the Conservative party in Northern Ireland to spin a UGOV poll should not be facilitated by the media without fact checking. The implication that the Conservatives oppose the ending of academic selection and the 11-plus are misleading and false.


Until a valid and reliable 11-plus replacement meeting international standards is developed the Minister and her officials must continue with the current tests. The message has always been clear that is what parents want. Educationalists and politicians must deliver improvements in choice and standards”