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Schools are encouraged to move away from academic subjects because exam experts have ranked some vocational subjects as equivalent to four GCSE passes.

 So says a CIvitas report http://www.civitas.org.uk/education/standards.php

. The report goers on to say “Significantly though, it is all too apparent that it is the system which has lost interest in the pupils – largely because they run the risk of not delivering the right A*-C performance through academic GCSEs.”


For exam “experts” in Northern Ireland read CCEA, the Council for Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment.

 CCEA have a track record of being responsible for other failures such as the Pupil Profile, the revised curriculum, and rejection of the 11-plus.

Perhaps Caitriona Ruane will pen a letter to the Independent  (since she has taken to writing to the newspapers rather than parents as she promised)admitting that her “vision” for Northern Ireland’s  numeracy and literacy strategy  has produced  education chaos not improvement. Her DENI and CCEA has been clouded by ideology and the employment of advice and methods designed to avoid measurement and accountability. 

The DENI cannot even provide a list of academic/general  or vocational/applied subjects.


See the Independent report: