In what must be the worst kept secret in Northern Ireland education circles three individuals closely associated with the move towards comprehensivation of grammar schools announce their “plan” for selection at 14.

As pointed out in previous posts on this blog one of the main protagonists is Wilfred Mulryne, former head of Methodist College, one of the largest grammar schools in the UK, but now eminent Gris of the cabal of educationalists who planned the destruction of the grammar schools.

Mulryne has previous in his activities with the GBA. Their rejection of Computerised Adaptive Testing (CAT) as an alternative solution to the 11-plus was largely down to him acting in accordence with the Catholic Trustee wishes.

The Governing Bodies Association are an ineffective and irrelevant group. GBA Member schools dissatisfied with their representation should apply for membership of the National Grammar Schools Association.


Parents, governors and former pupils are welcome to join as associate members.