A review of responses of the infamous Household Survey by Martin McGuinness in 2002 reveals the pre-determined attitude of grammar school heads, including those of the GBA, to the socially selective CCEA Pupil Profile.


Q.The Pupil Profile should not be used by post-primary schools to
decide which pupils should beadmitted

A.  Gramar Schools

Disagree/Strongly Disagree                7%

The grammar schools wanted the Pupil Profile. Lest anyone be in any doubt about the motivation of Sir Kenneth Bloomfield, Wilfred Mulryne, Kevin Donaghy or John Young this information makes clear that their collective intention was to replace academic selection with social selection.

Parents, pupils and former pupils have been betrayed. So have thousands of primary school pupils now denied the equality of opportunity afforded by the current system using the 11-plus.