Reading ‘Every School a Good School: A strategy for raising achievement in literacy and numeracy.’ is instructive.

 It exposes the petulant DENI attitude to the telling off given by the Public Accounts Committee chair Edward Leigh MP in 2006

. Bluntly the strategy is vague waffle. It is impossible to tell what the ‘strategy’ actually is. It seems that down in Rathgael the answer to our children’s problems is targets and more targets- hardly a surprise. The following exposes the DENI delaying tactic. :

”The test of the strategy’s success will be measured in relation to the outcomes of the children starting school in Year 1 in September 2008 when they reach Key Stage 4 in 2020.”

So by 2020 the taxpayer will know  if the strategy has worked. That must be all right then. Parents should relax. Especially since the architects of the failure will have retired or moved on. No worries for Will Haire or Robson Davidson then.

The target is that 95% of pupils get GCSE A*-G in English and Maths. (it was 87% in 2006/7). So GCSE English and Maths are the standard for literacy and numeracy?

PACE foresee more problems ahead for DENI. It remains a disappointment that Will Haire did not consult with the committee despite assurances to the Chairman of the PAC that they would do so. Horse and water spring to mind then so does Ass