Catholic Church versus Catholic schools and Catholic parents.

 Caitriona Ruane has brought chaos to the entire system by attempting to impose undemocratic, unwanted, uncosted and unscientific reforms on the advice of Gavin Boyd, Jim Clarke and Donal McKeown.

Bishop Donal McKeown told the Belfast Telegraph on May 5, 2008 

Parents are uncertain and fearful, only the department can give them reassurance.

In broad terms we are in favour of moving towards a non-selective system with an emphasis on parental election.

Perhaps the Costello Committee Bishop can clarify and reassure parents of prospective pupils at Lumen Christi  exactly how admission to the school would operate under his non-selective system?

Rather than blame “the department” Bishop McKeown must accept his responsibility for trampling over the rights of Catholic parents in pursuit of ideological interests.

Putting names into the picture frame will allow parents to direct their concerns in the appropriate direction.

Unfortunately the Lumen Christi test may be different from any other on offer. It seems that retaining or rebranding the 11-plus is the only valid and reliable method of measuring attainment in P7. Multiple custom-made tests by grammar schools is not the answer .

A final quote from Bishop Donal McKeown:

My own personal annoyance would be with people who are exploiting fears for their own self-interest. That is irresponsible, unjust and unchristian.

Bishop Donal McKeown; Have you looked in the mirror recently ?