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The Sutton Trust has published research on school choice and socio-economic disadvantage.

The summary of the report and the full report will be posted on the Trust’s website at: www.suttontrust.com

It states clearlynin the executive summary:

 The ways in which school choice and selection operate to reinforce disadvantage within the system as a whole are complex and subtle. Abolishing grammar schools, without addressing these systemic problems, might do little or nothing to increase fairness overall.”


we found no evidence that the performance of secondary moderns, or any schools creamed by grammars, was different from other schools.

In light of this Sutton Trust reserach combined with evidence that many primary schools in Belfast such as Harmony Primary School (one of the first “enriched curriculum” schools) have a history of entering no pupils for the 11-plus transfer test it must fall to the DENI to admit failure in their efforts to improve social mobility opportunities for the disadvantaged.