Allison Pearson recently interviewed the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown. Extracts appeared in the Daily Mail. The Prime Minister’s admission on the failure of comprehensives lies hidden in the text. 

I am a pretty ordinary guy who went to the local school and was lucky enough to go to university.

Another way of putting it would be :

Gordon was a prodigy put into the fast stream of Kirkaldy High School where masters wore gowns and Young Gordon was named ‘ Dux’ or leader.

Two years ago , after decades of egalitarian education policy, Kirkaldy High  was put into special measures and threatened with closure.

How would a young Gordon Brown fare now with a sink school to go to instead of a de-facto grammar?

Does he still have no doubts about what the comprehensive system has done for kids from homes without books?

He gets quite defensive.

I didn’t say that I had no doubts. We are now dealing with all the failing schools. I think that comprehensives did not work in the cities.

It is an extraordinary admission, even if it comes forty years too late.

Perhaps he should share it with Caitriona Ruane, Tony Gallagher, Gavin Boyd and Bishop Donal McKeown?