It seems that a Ms O’Shaughnessey has adopted the role of speaking for Caitriona Ruane on education matters, in particular on post-primary arrangements.

Her latest missive published in the local print media attempts to put three Catholic schools in their place for having the temerity to resist Ruane’s illegal diktat on the introduction of entrance examinations.

The Irish News provides the vehicle:

Her portrayal of consensus owes much to the equality of result/outcome ideology of Sinn Fein and nothing to the undisputed fact that parents are the prime educators of their children.  Currently parents retain a right in British and European law to have their children educated according to their religious and philosophical convictions. Ruane and her band of followers clearly wish to impose their views upon others. However the hypocricy and illegality of their actions are bound to be ignored internally since to recognise them would be an admission of error. There is no chance of consensus on this issue no matter what soundings tell them otherwise.

The elites here are the advisors and hangers-on who claim to speak on behalf of parents and children. Do they recognise themselves?