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A teacher’s union, the NASUWT,  has been on strike for a second week over an alleged assault on one of its members. This is remarkable given that there were 272 physical attacks on staff resulting in suspension. Additional figures available for Northern Ireland schools on the DENI website indicate that 5 assualts on teachers resulted in expulsion in the last year.

No figures were available on the number of pupils cautioned, charged or convicted.

Why the inequality in this particular case?

In addition to the accused pupil an additional 540 pupils have been denied their legal right to an education by the union members.

The Education Minister, Caitriona Ruane, asked for a speedy resolution, suggesting a role for the Childrens Commissioner.


The Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children, Patricia Lewsley offered to mediate on the dispute but her intervention and comment

Corporate abuse of children’s rights


provoked the union into seeking legal advice.


The latest news is that the pupil in question is to be charged by the DPP and will appear in court in November.


No doubt all the PC, hand-wringing, crocodile tear-shedding union representatives will be delighted to pass the buck to the PSNI and DPP

In the meantime 540 pupils are denied their right to an education.