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Taken from the uncorrected evidence transcript of a Northern Ireland Affairs Committee meeting on December 14 2005

Q202 Mr Fraser: If, as you are saying, grammar schools can have an amount of academically orientated curriculum, in effect they are being denied a voice in identifying the pupils who would benefit most from that curriculum.

Angela Smith: Because it is not the schools who are making the choice any more. The proposal would be for the parents to make the choice. The parents would consult the schools and it is up to parents, if they wish to discuss with the staff of the school whether that is the best route for their child….

Angela Smith forgot to leave a note to Caitriona Ruane explaining exactly how to deliver to parents on her promises. Parents are still waiting on a letter promised by Ruane in February. The Pupil Profile information promised to aid in the decision making removes rather than improves decision making information.

The Catholic Heads Association have backed, unseen, a CCEA test. Do they forget it was CCEA who produced the Pupil Profile? Parents certainly haven’t.