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The planned press conference by the four main church leaders to “break the deadlock on the 11-plus” highlights the degree of desperation felt by the educationalists responsible for the current chaos.

There will be nothing new offered by the church leaders. They are all previously on record supporting (s)election at 14.

Where they are also consistent is their lack of answers on the transfer at 11 problem.

Most embarrassing of all is the clear schism between the church leaders and the people they claim to represent. Catholic schools and parents oppose the Minister’s plans. Voluntary and Controlled Grammars schools with Protestant church leaders on their Boards of Governors also oppose the Minister’s plans.

Perhaps before holding their choreographed press conference they should read Malachi O’Doherty’s opinion in the Belfast Telegraph on how the Irish government got it wrong on the Lisbon Treaty.

Then grab a copy of his latest book “Empty Pulpits”

The joint statement will create more problems than solutions, particularly for the poor.