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 While UK-wide attention is directed to the final 11-plus exam today the elephant in the room is the vacuum deliberately created by the Department of Education. There is no certainty about a test for next year.

The DENI have tried for years to convince parents that a Pupil Profile will “inform” their choice for a post-primary school. However the publication of a report from CCEA suggests that their efforts have once again fallen short.

CCEA Final Evaluation Report on the implementation of the InCAS computer-based assessments and the Annual Pupil Profile Report in Primary Schools during the transitional year 2007/2008A 

 Although many parents recognised the work required by teachers to produce this new report there were a number of aspects they criticised. Large number of parents were dissatisfied with the format and content of their child’s Annual Pupil Profile Report.

Parents’ main criticism was that it did not contain grades/marks or a comparison with their child’s peers which they deemed to be an essential component of any school report.

Celebrations on the demise of the  11-plus are premature.  More to follow…..