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So now that the entire post-primary system has been thrown into an “unregulated” chaos by the Minister for Education, Caitriona Ruane parents are left with uncertainty as to how make informed choices for school after year 7.

Years ago the DENI suggested:

 “Each year, teachers will complete a Pupil Profile for each of their pupils, based on pupils’ work over the year – in a similar way as they do now with pupils’ annual reports. During the year, teachers will be able to use different assessment methods, including some computerbased tasks, to inform and support their professional judgement. These will include the key areas of literacy and numeracy. These assessment tasks can also help teachers to identify high and low levels of performance and to tailor their teaching to individual pupils’
The Pupil Profile will not be used to select pupils for post-primary schools. The Education Order will prevent academic selection – in any form – after the 2008 Transfer Tests.

So now the fun begins.