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Jim Allister gave a speech in Bangor on Friday evening and spend some time on the new ESA chief executive



An extract from the speech included:

Mr Boyd’s time at the helm in CCEA was characterised by radical curriculum reform: he introduced a “progressivist” curriculum  which moves us away from the tried and trusted priority of grounding children in the basics of English, mathematics, reading and science and instead emphasises, often in the critical early years through mere play, self-development of “the whole child”, leading inexorably to a woolly, frothy product, incapable of objective testing. Hence the link between this approach to education and outlawing selection. In an address to the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, Mr Boyd’s manager for Curriculum Development, Carmel Gallagher, described the curriculum as a “Trojan Horse that would be the vehicle for effecting significant change.” The chaos which is playing out before our eyes is the result.


Parents can only wonder what will come next from Mr Allister.