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In an interview with Mark Devenport on BBC Inside Politics Martin McGuinness added his latest “prediction” on the question of post-primary transfer.

“In my view there is a growing consensus about the age of 14 for transfer” said the man who asked a series of questions on  post-primary transfer in 2002 to which he received answers OPPOSITE to his predictions.



Of course he ignored those responses from parents.


Listen to his latest effort at about 12 mins  20 sec in. The DUP have yet to make it clear that they will not be moved to selection at 14 despite the embarrassment caused by revelation of a document exposing their confused position by Jim Allister MEP 

When asked, Martin McGuinness refused to comment on the Jim Allister paper because he claimed he hadn’t seen the document. No doubt arrangements could be made for Martin McGuinness to see the document admitted by his party colleague John O’Dowd that Sinn Fein have had sight of.