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Minister for Education Angela Smith issued a press release in December 2005. The importance of parental choice for schools was paramount and the Pupil Profile offered as such a tool.



The Review of Post-Primary Education began in 1998. Following wide debate,

Government announced in 2004 that academic selection will end. The last 11+

Transfer Tests will be held in 2008. Future transfer arrangements will be based on

parents’ choice. To help them, parents will have information about their child’s

progress in a Pupil Profile, advice from the primary school and access to advice

from post-primary schools. Using all of this information, parents will decide which

type of school will best meet their child’s needs.

Minister for Education Caitriona Ruane has responded to a statement issued by the Irish National Teachers Organisation (INTO) regarding problems with the Pupil Profile. As usual she has nothing to say to parents.
“It has never been intended that either the Pupil Profile or the annual reporting proposals would be used in informing decisions on transfer from primary to post-primary school.”
Taken from DE Circular 2008/22 Para 9, 30 September 2008
“The InCAS assessments are not for any purpose related to transfer of pupils from primary to post-primary school.”
Taken from DE Circular 2008/22 Para 11, 30 September 2008
“The Department/CCEA will not collect the InCAS information centrally recognising its diagnostic purpose within a class or school.”
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