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Sammy Wilson abandoned the position of Chairman of the Northern Ireland Education Committee in his haste to take on the role of Minister of the Environment in the Northern Ireland Assembly.
Perhaps Mr Wilson had learned that his party, the DUP, had traded away the retention of academic selection and grammar schools in horse trading with Sinn Fein and didn’t want to be around to face the voter’s wrath when the concession was revealed.
Now Mr Wilson has demonstrated the depths of his incompetence in his attitude to scientific evidence on global warming. Inconvenient facts are ignored. He seems to listen to the voice in his head to establish facts rather than the experts.
Given the state of the world’s economic health one can only wonder what Mr Wilson’s teaching would have been on the sub-prime housing situation, the banking fiasco and fuel markets. Since he was also Chief Examiner for CCEA none of these issues mattered since he set the questions and therefore had all the answers.