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Not only has Caitriona Ruane failed to deliver on promises to end academic selection for grammar schools but it seems that the minister has failed on basic numeracy attainments. In the Hansard record of the Northern Ireland Assembly of Monday 19th January the minister answered a question on the cost of the failed pupil profile project. She claimed the total cost to be £180,000

Mr Gallagher: In the Minister’s response to an

earlier supplementary question, she referred to a money

shortage in the Department. Recently, she announced

the end of the pupil-profile initiative. Surely when she

took that decision, she calculated how much money

her Department had spent on the initiative. Will she

tell the Assembly how much money the pupil-profile

initiative has cost her Department?

The Minister of Education: there is a presumption

in the question that the Department has wasted money.

No money has been wasted. the approach to annual

reporting to parents has not changed significantly.

In 2007-08, 2008-09 and the current financial year

to date, the cost of training and support of teachers on

reporting to parents via a standardised pupil-profile

format has been £180,000. I am sure that all Members

understand the importance of reporting to parents,

which was emphasised during all the pilots and

consultations that were carried out. Are Members

suggesting that teachers should not report to parents?

the Department has listened to educationalists and

parents. It has decided that instead of “pupil profiles”,

they will now be called “annual reports to parents”.



PACE had sought information from CCEA, the organisation responsible for the Pupil Profile, on costs in a Freedom of Information request. The information does not match the Education Minister’s statement to the Assembly.

Only one party can be correct. The Minister of Education or one of the constituent organisations of the new Education and Skills Authority (ESA).


Even with generous rounding of Caitriona Ruane’s figure up to £200,000 that leaves £1,800,000 unaccounted for.


Click link to see CCEA FOI figures    CCEA FOI Figures for Pupil Profile



Now add up the figures and get £180,000. That’s the revised curriculum in action.