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to secure an accurate and complete  response from Education Minister, Caitriona Ruane to a question about costs for the CCEA Pupil Profile rumbles on.

In an earlier posting about the cost of the Pupil Profile the Assembly question posed by Tommy Gallagher of the SDLP was highlighted.

The Belfast Newsletter published an article by political editor, Stephen Dempster in which the DENI claim the revised cost to be around £500,000    Costs of Pupil Profile Newsletter

Unfortunately this does not gel with figures provided by the organisation responsible for the project, CCEA. 

Mr Gallagher has been contacted by telephone at his local office , the Northern Ireland Assembly and by  e-mail yet remains silent. *see update

Perhaps he is now aware of his role while a member of the Education Committee in oversight of initatives and projects such as the Pupil Profile, including the expenditure of public funds.



Mr Gallagher made contact with PACE  and made available copy of a letter received from the Minister citing her latest figures. Unfortunately the figures do not add up again.

Ruane’s Pupil Profile Costs letter