The DUP has been sitting on information that would assist in clarifying the “unregulated tests” issue.

Extracts from communication from CCEA state unequivocally that a test of the revised curriculum will be available. This despite Caitriona Ruane claiming that the revised curriculum was untestable.

Information provided by CCEA indicates that a regulated test will be available by the Autumn of 2009. No details of the specification for the test have been provided however despite a request for the detail.

……”The test development schedule is outlined below. Subject to policy decisions and if the contingency arises, the test will be available for delivery from autumn 2009. (The policy decision is simply whether the DUP will accept the phased ending of academic selection)

Test Development

Stage of Development Date Status

Question writing & reviewing
October – February

Question trialling & analysis
March – April
On target

Construction & review of draft tests
May – August
On target

Printing of tests
On target…………..”

Why have the DUP kept silent on this when on the BBC Stephen Nolan Show this morning Mervyn Storey had an opportunity to clarify the matter to a parent caller?

Mr Storey on behalf of the DUP also gave silent assent to John O’Dowd’s claim that the revised curriculum was the basis for improved educational outcomes. It seems that those advising the DUP (can any one guess who?) have been caught with their pants down and have accepted the pass. The Trojan Horse of the revised curriculum was the brainchild of that supreme organisation of failed initiatives,CCEA.