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Anarchy, almost by definition, is never intentional.

Perhaps that explains the current mess that masquerades as a policy for post-primary transfer.

The education minister abolished the 11-Plus. But the grammar schools have brought it back. The minister warned of dire legal consequences, the non-denominational grammars said “so sue me”.

Jim Fitzpatrick of the BBC Northern Ireland Politics Show team highlights one example of the political nonsense talked by the SDLP.

In a remarkable display of principle before political ambition, Mark Durkan even stood up in the assembly to back the minister and criticise the first Catholic school to opt for testing – Lumen Christi in his own constituency. With all Catholic grammars now following suit, which political party speaks for them?

There are over 27,000 pupils attending Catholic grammar schools. Have they been effectively disenfranchised or is this just another stage in the choreography surrounding post-primary education?