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The Education Minister’s announcement in the Assembly of her imposals for post-primary transfer contained few surprises apart from the price.

One  major element  of her statement was the withdrawal of her own transfer test under development by CCEA thereby guaranteeing the continuation of the unregulated apartheid system. One immediate effect will be the endorsement of a de facto private entrance test to both controlled and non-denominational Department of Education guidance voluntary grammar schools.

Since the Royal Belfast Academical Institution refused to provide information requested on the number of disadvantaged pupils gaining entrance to the school for the last ten years it may be felt that they are strangers to the needs of the disadvantaged.

No attention has been paid by the media to the charges and charging mechanism to be employed by the company formed to administer the Common Entrance assessment test to grammar schools.

Show me  the Money?

Show me  the Money?

The cries from those salivating over the Minister’s gift are louder than the platitudes paid to parents and pupils.