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Gerry Burns has resurfaced in the post-primary debate criticising the development of chaos. He emphatically ststes;

 “the whole affair has been badly managed.”

Of course he stops short of blaming the Education Minister and fails to name the guilty parties.

The Newsletter carried an article quoting Mr Burns citing his concern for the disadvantaged pupil failing to gain access to a grammar school education. He makes the same mistake as other “educationalists” by blaming the 11-plus for poor attainment in primary schools. He must appreciate that if a pupil is not entered for the transfer test they cannot gain access to a grammar school. Mr Burns further compounds his error by stating;

 Primary teachers are also being forgotten in all of this and they are a very important part of the whole system.

“I just hope there is still some room for compromise.”

Perhaps Mr Burns is unaware that primary teachers have endorsed the revised curriculum and want no part of preparing pupils for tests. This is the opposite to what parents want – proof of teaching.