On February 4th 2009 Frank Bunting, from the Irish National Teachers’ Organisation, welcomed the establishment of the NICCE working group.

“The Catholic sector is showing social responsibility and the working group reporting back in five weeks is much more timely than the years of wasted time spent on this issue to date,” he said.

“In the interests of cohesion it would be helpful if all schools could move in a similar direction but maybe that is asking too much.

“I welcome that practitioners from within schools are going to sit down with the Catholic Commission to devise a way forward which will be a move towards an education system that all children can benefit from.”

On February 23rd  The Irish National Teachers Organisation announced support for their members refusing to teach for or assist in the administration of some tests for entry into grammars.

So now INTO are exposing the Catholic education systems introduction of verbal reasoning. In doing so they reveal the nonsense talked about concern for the child and the issue of social justice. The NICCE working group must face up to their determined refusal to embrace their non-denominational colleagues and support the provision of a testing arrangement to measure attainment in numeracy and literacy. Such testing conforms to parental wishes and is a measure of the effectiveness of teaching in primary schools. The teaching unions hate accountability and their opposition to testing exemplifies this.

Irish News frontpage Feb2309

Bishop McKeown said ““We are trying to manage the chaos by ensuring that the needs of (Catholic) primary schools, grammar schools and secondary schools are all met.

“We are asking three (Catholic) grammar principals and three secondary principals how we can manage this in the interests of all. (Catholics)

“We want to find a practical way forward in the context of a clear Catholic sector policy and are looking for ways to hold the sector together,”

So what next from Bishop McKeown? An attribution similar to one made by Bishop Daniel Mageean, in his Lenten pastoral, when he stated that prime minister, Lord Craigavon had adopted the words A Protestant parliament for a Protestant people as his slogan. The implication was that Catholics had no status in their native land.

 So is Bishop McKeown and his band of brothers  seeking and about to announce:

A Catholic Test for a Catholic people.

With the implication that Protestants have no education philosophical status in their native land.