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No high quality study in education research has ever established that inclusive education is best delivered through child-centered pedagogy.

Selection or Selection Fortnight Magazine No 463 Dec 08/Jan 09

Carefully designed and evaluated studies have demonstrated that such child-centered curricula are particularly damagin to the poor.

Donald Myers who was charged with evaluating the impact of child-centered curricula in the United States shares PACE’s concern about educationalists.


The time has come in American education when teachers should stage a walkout when education evangelists propose innovations which have not been validated by careful research over a long period of time. Instead of being paid and applauded, these hucksters should be sent packing and should be thankful that they are not jailed as would representatives of a pharmaceutical house for dispensing a drug before it has been tested.

Donald Myers quoted in Left Back by Diane Ravitch 2000


The reforms proposed for Northern Ireland schools are addressed in two highly regarded studies – one centred on assessment, the other on curriculum – and both draw the same unequivocal conclusion which should interest the Catholic Church and Sinn Fein: the poor will lose out dramatically if Sinn Fein have their way.  This has already been hinted at in research on the early years “Enriched Curriculum” in Northern Ireland, where a “Matthew Effect” was identified; in progressive curricula – the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Notice how all reference to this work is avoided by the empty vessels insisting on changing the education system for the 21st century. If they are not careful they will be into the 22nd century before coming up with evidence based validation of their proposals.