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No not Donal McKeown the auxillary bishop in charge of all Catholic education delivery. This Donal is Donal Flanagan, chief executive of CCMS.

In a recent Irish News article Donal Flanagan seems to have donned the mantle of Caitriona Ruane’s enforcement chief for her “visionary proposals”

In language reminiscent of the Troubles Donal Flanagan announced that those who willfully disgregarded her guidance would be subject to the Sinn Fein minister’s “battery of arms”.

Donal Flanagan also attempted to shift the responsibility for the education chaos widely permeating the school landscape to a “political battleground” . This statement must be considered in the context of his own involvement in the reform agenda.

Perhaps it may also help to refer back to Donal Flanagan’s views on integration of schools published in the Irish News in April 2006.

The man tasked with developing new models of schooling should examine the process of ‘transformation’ and say “it does not work”, Catholic school leaders have said.

By Simon Doyle Education Correspondent

Let’s hope Caitriona Ruane takes note of Donal Flanagan’s views prior to making her announcement on Parkhall College in Antrim.