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Stanley Poots and his band of primary heads in Lisburn have escalated their reluctance to comply with legal responsibilities to teach children under their care. In refusing to assist with efforts to ensure smooth transfer from primary to post-primary school Stanley’s band are likely to further enrage parents who wish to see their children afforded equality of opportunity in provision of the revised curriculum.

It is well known that primary school prncipals are adverse to accountability (see Betty Orr et al., Edenbrooke Primary, Belfast) and therefore Mr Poots grandstanding over refusal to cooperate with local grammars will be seen as an extension of this reluctance to be measured.

A simple question arises

“What aspect of the compulsory revised curriculum in numeracy and literacy will not be taught by teachers at Mr Poot’s Dromara Primary School?”

No doubt Mr Poots ‘ answer will be broadcast by the BBC imminently.

Mr Poots may know that instruction has many synonyms, including:

apprenticeship, chalk talk, coaching, direction, discipline, drilling, edification, enlightenment, grounding, guidance, information, lesson, preparation, schooling, teaching, training, tuition, tutelage

If 11-plus papers were good enough for his teachers prior to the withdrawal of the transfer test then  what has changed?

Mr Poots expresses “regret”  via his inteview with the BBC Good Morning Ulster radio show but such sentiment will stand in stark juxtaposition to his refusal to look out for the interests of pupils under his care.

Parents are free to make uptheir minds about Stanley Poots, the anti teaching principal.