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During her announcement denying parents a regulated measure of their child’s attainment at primary school the education minister stated:

“I will not do it. The test has been cancelled,”

“To simply make a test available and not have a legal framework to define its use would be highly |irresponsible.”

Caitriona Ruane MLA , Minister for Education Northern Ireland Assembly

March 10,2009

On 16th May 2008 the promise to parents was very different.

NI’s education minister has faced the assembly’s education committee about her plans for primary school transfer.

Caitríona Ruane aims to extend academic selection for three years before ending it.

It will take the form of one hour-long test of literacy and numeracy, and it will be held in a grammar school.


The Minister sent instructions through the Permanent Secretary, Will Haire, outlining how CCEA were to proceed.

Asked for the specification under the Freedom of Information Act the CCEA refused.

In early February the Minister withdrew her “regulated test” costing the taxpayer over £100,000

So who’s being irresponsible Minister Ruane?