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Last year saw 25,600 births registered — the highest number recorded since 1991 and a massive 20% increase since 2002.

So say the figures from the Registrar General’s Office. The numbers are verified, accurate and not subject to political manipulation..

It is a pity for parents that the Department of Education for Northern Ireland were unable to use their skills to predict the impact for the furure of education provision. Many schools have been closed as part of the DENI rationalisation plan and no doubt heavy expenditure will have to take place in order to accomodate demand in the next few years.

Perhaps the reader can follow the trend line and tell the DENI which direction the trend is headed.


Barry Gardiner, former Minister of Education, issued a press release stating: http://www.deni.gov.uk/consultationpaper.pdf 

Demographic Decline the lowest ever seen in Northern Ireland. 

 The decline in the population of pre-school children has been significant in recent years. Until 2001/02 the size of the pre-school cohort was usually between 24,000 and 25,000 children. In 2002/03 it fell to undern23,500, and is expected to continue declining until at least 2010, when it will have reduced to around 21,000. The current birth rate, at 1.8 children per female, is down from 2.5 per female 20 years ago and is and is the lowest ever seen in Northern Ireland.

Getting it wrong is a speciality subject for Ministers of Education.