Catholic primary school principals from Newry and Mourne have joined the orchestrated effort to dissuade and frighten parents away from tests for academic selection to grammar schools.

“In our professional opinion academic selection at 11 does a disservice to our children, is divisive, and distorts the primary curriculum,”

primary school principals in the Newry and Mourne area  statement

So where was the operation of this professional opinion for the past 7 years since Martin McGuinness unilaterally announced the ending of regulated 11-plus testing? If the revised curriculum content is taught as required what do principals have to fear except the measurement of their staff’s effectiveness?

It appears that “professional opinion” on academic selection changes as frequently as the Catholic hierarchy position and the weather in  Newry and Mourne area.

It is important that parents are not swayed by the principals’ ” professional opinion” and continue to remember that parents are the prime educators of their children.