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Coleraine High School will use the Association of Quality Education’s CEA test as a device to take the school comprehensive.

Principal Anne Bell, instead of resigning her position as head of the all girls grammar, announced:

An all abilities intake was the best option for her school. Demographic trends in the area have not provided us with enough children to be purely academic. If you are only going to take children who achieve a certain grade in a test that would not be good for either of our schools

Irish News Thursday April 30, 2009

Perhaps Anne  Bell should learn the distinction between a mark and a grade. PACE would welcome a response from any headteacher specifying the mark obtained in the 11-plus for a pupil awarded a C grade by CCEA.

This  Chairman of the Association for Quality Education Sir Kenneth Bloomfield: “We in the AQE have always appreciated that we can call something a grammar school but if there’s no form of academic testing then there’s no grammar school at all”

One of the primary claims of concern over post-primary reform by the educationalists was that structures (schools)  were not placed before the needs of pupils. Anne Bell represents the epitome of self serving platitude expressed in her attempt to disguise the announcement of the death of a grammar school.