Caitriona Ruane, The Minister of Education:

“I have heard suggestions that the Catholic Church proposals may contain a request for the Department to recommission the test as an interim measure for a set period of years before academic selection would end after some future debate. Any attempt to construct another test would, in my view, be totally contrary to the principles of social justice to which the Catholic Church is publicly committed.”

The Catholic Church are more interested in damage control over the Ryan Report at the moment and have been forced to support the unregulated tests lest they lose even more support from parents. Their version of socialjustice is very flexible.

Brendan Harron of the INTO teachers’ union in a  BBC Stormont Live interview  noted there is nothing new in Catriona Ruane’s ‘heavily consulted’ proposals. In fact they are precisely the same ‘heavily consulted’ proposals brought forward by the Direct Rule Minister Angela Smith in 2006