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In a sanitised history of the Christian Brothers Education Minister Caitriona aided in the coverup of a lengthy period of brutality against vulnerable young people throughout the island of Ireland. Unless of course the Minister would claim that the British north had protected vulnerable Catholic children from a regime that applied throughout the Republic.


20 January 2009 – Ruane praises Christian Brothers contribution to education

Education Minister, Caitríona Ruane, joined Cardinal Brady and young people to celebrate the launch of the new Edmund Rice Schools Trust.

The event, held in the Dromantine Resource centre, marked the passing on of the trusteeship of the network of Christian Brothers Schools to the Edmund Rice Schools Trust.

Ms Ruane said: “Christian Brothers Schools have been working to provide a quality education for young people since the 1800’s. Their schools have educated young people not only across Ireland but around the world. As a result, their schools have produced famous artists, politicians and sports people along with people of all professions. [ no mention of abuse here]

“The event here in Dromantine represents the dawning of a new era as the Directors of the Edmund Rice Schools Trust become custodians of the long and proud traditions of Christian Brothers Education.

“Back in 1802 when he set up his first school in Waterford, Edmund Rice recognised the vital role of education in building and supporting communities. Today his schools continue to promote the ethos of equality and respect he once taught.

“I have regularly stated my opposition to academic selection, which is clearly against the most basic principles of social justice. I believe that we have many examples of fine schools which have shown they can produce educated and well rounded young people without the need to subject them to high stake tests. I have attempted to build a consensus for the proposals I published last year and to establish a firm legislative basis. However, I have a duty to children, parents and teachers who want to know how transfer will happen in 2010. If I do not receive political agreement, I will act and issue guidance to schools. I have no doubt Edmund Rice would share that view.

“I wish the incoming Members and Directors of the Edmund Rice Schools Trust every success in their new roles. I hope we will continue to work together in providing an education system that allows all children to achieve their full potential.”

Perhaps as a resident of the Republic of Ireland Ruane and her fellow travellers had prior knowledge of the history of the Christian Brothers schools and their secret history of social justice.