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Mervyn Storey

 “Let us adopt a can-do attitude. I have grave concerns

about the way in which we govern ourselves. There is

no point in my trying to blame other Ministers. If we

are to have an Assembly, we need to take collective

responsibility. Often, we do not adopt a can-do attitude when trying to move forward on these matters.”

The Chairperson of the Committee for Education (Mr Storey) Monday 15 June 2009  Executive Committee Business:

Is Mr Storey suggesting that we may soon not have an Assembly? Is he pre-announcing further concessions on education? Is he exhibiting the DUP’s practiced pattern of making many promises to the electorate but failing to deliver?





So how did we end up where we are today?  Why did it happen that Education did become one of then main areas of struggle? 

 Well the answer is simple …. Caitriona Ruane….. 

Or Minister RUIN Rather than Ruane !!!

I once said she was grossly incompetent – that means 144 times worse than the routinely incompetent.  When it comes to education matters Caitriona Ruane is about as confused as Adam was on Mothers day and is about as much use as a trap door on a canoe!

Although to be fair she didn’t nominate herself. 

No! She was Gerry Adams first pick.   ….

Out of all of the Sinn Fein talent on display … better than Paul Butler …   better than Sue Ramsey…. better than Jennifer McCann… better than her namesake Fra McCann… better even than Barry McElduff!     

Caitriona Ruane was Gerry’s golden girl.   

This, remember is the Minister who couldn’t get involved with the classroom assistants dispute and who couldn’t get involved in the Movilla school dispute. Who told us when she was dragged to the Assembly to answer a priority question, about the school dispute she said, we are where we are !!!

This is the Minister who cannot find time to answer Assembly questions in the stipulated time.   

But she will spend months banging her head off the brick wall of the legal guarantees this party negotiated at St Andrews.  

In doing so she allowed a situation to develop where other important matters have been overshadowed by her futile approach to the transfer debate. 

The Minister’s failures meant that the rest of us have had to do the job she ought to have been doing, but couldn’t find the time. 

Conference we will be launching a new document highlighting many of the areas in education that we are determined to improve.  

The DUP is in favour of excellence.  Excellence for all schools delivered to all pupils. 

On the matter of transfer we have met with a wide range of stakeholders and will be doing so again in the coming days. 

I will be meeting the Catholic bishops, which will be more an experience for them than me. 

Doesn’t it say something about this education Minister that the Catholic Headmasters are closer to our position than they are to hers. 

Parents are distraught at her failure and behaviour.  Teachers are frustrated.  Children are stressed. 

It appears that for the Minister the future education of the Province’s children is less a priority than Policing and Justice Powers. 

It appears that she prefers to bury her head in the sand and take no responsibility for the chaos and mess she has presided over. 

It appears that she prefers confrontation to agreement. 

It appears that this Minister would prefer an unregulated transfer system to one agreed between her and the other political parties.  

Conference – that is not my way or the DUP’s way.

We have acted differently from this missing Minister – this Minister for mayhem. 

We didn’t just simply pocket the guarantees won at St Andrews.  We have got involved and got our hands dirty.   

Where the Minister sat on her backside and failed to behave as a minister and to do her job, I along with my colleagues got up, got down to work.   

We have shown that it is not the few but all the children for whom we want the best possible education provision.  We will continue with that goal in mind. 

It ought to be a cause of shame, though I doubt their ability to feel it, for Caitriona Ruane and her Party, and it is a source of gratitude for us that as a consequence of that, people today look to this party for action and answers rather than the person whose job it actually is. 

Conference it is my intention to continue with that.”

Conference 08 – Mervyn Storey MLA


Until Monday 15th June that is!