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The Northern Ireland media are reporting on the case of a mother of six sentenced to two months suspended for remonstrating with a teacher who took water from her child because it was flavored.


It is now common-place for teachers to inspect lunch boxes for banned substances. If you read the “letter from the headteacher” sent out recently with the school calendar 2009-10  it is likely to contain a statement telling pupils not to bring unhealthy snacks to school – fizzy cans (sic) and drinks including energy drinks are not permitted at ….. school.  You may also see information stating that your school (even a post-primary school) is a NUT FREE SCHOOL and that pupils without a nut allergy are not permitted to bring nuts or any food containing nuts to school (Snickers, Topics etc) 

A search by PACE on Pubmed found the following article on the subject of SSBs (Sugar Sweetended Beverages)

Am J Clin Nutr. 2008 September; 88(3): 605–611.

The study was titled Effects of replacing the habitual consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages with milk in Chilean children3

 In the results section the author states: “Changes in percentage body fat, the primary endpoint, did not differ between groups.”

It is unfortunate that teachers have strayed into the area of expertise of other professions. The dangers of meddling by the well intended are known but the food fascists seem to know no boundaries within their education prisons.