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A draft post from PACENI  April 20, 2009 is now published.

 In an effort to distract from the continued and unexplained silence on the matter of academic selection to Catholic grammar schools by their fellow principals the Catholic anti-selection group have announced the formation of yet another Catholic education body.


The BBC Northern Ireland Education report claims:

“They are forming an association which they say will speak for those whose views have not been adequately heard.”

Nothing could be further fro the truth. The Northern Ireland public have heard nothing but anti-selection rhetoric for years parroted ad nauseum by carefully selected “educationalists”

It is ironic that despite having an unfettered run at delivering their objectives they are no further along than ever. Parents and wider society have grown tired of  their ineffectiveness.

The principals say Caitriona Ruane’s admission criteria make testing unnecessary and no Catholic school should have any problem with them.

Perhaps the 30+ grammar principals should explain their change in approach four months later.