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While the local media is stirring up a virtual frensy on the arrangements for post-primary transfer and testing arrangements, the real agenda is revealed in The Guardian which carried a story on the cockroach-like persistence of the Pupil Profile.

The Parental Alliance for Choice in Education have warned of the intention to impose this social selection instrument upon parents. Now the principal of one of the most prominent Catholic grammar schools admits the Pupil Profile is the intended solution for  all grammar schools in Northern Ireland.Bishops


“However, like all grammar schools in Northern Ireland, Lumen Christi would have preferred to avoid the use of an entrance test altogether, and had lobbied the minister for education to allow schools to use ongoing primary school assessments and pupil profiles for the purpose of academic selection, thus avoiding the need for an entrance examination.”

Lumen Christi Grammar School principal, Patrick O’Doherty

The Guardian, Tuesday 8 September 2009