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Parents will be interested to note what happens to exam chiefs who dare to speak the wrong message to the public.

The BBC have reported on the upcoming  resignation of Edexcel exam chief, Jerry Jarvis.


Edexcel resignation


Mr Jarvis spoke out in August on the controversy over easier exams saying:

“We are looking at ways of discriminating or ranking figures quite regularly in discussions we have.

“In the future we may see complementary measures of performance.

“But grades have been around for a long time. The public have a feel for what is meant by grades.”

Meanwhile in Northern Ireland the exams chief, Gavin Boyd, who brought parents the ending of the transfer test, the revised curriculum, pupil profiles and assessment for learning rather than assessment of learning was promoted to head the entire education system under the ESA.

The lesson here is not to anger the bosses in their superannuated socialist compounds lest the career end early.