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The Alliance Party claimed at their Annual Conference in June that the Catholic Bishops were following their lead.


“We are where we are, delegates looking over a cliff into uncertainty, no proper regulation, P5 and P6 children and their parents, confused and depressed, primary heads under pressure from the Department and unions to have nothing to do with independent tests while the grammar schools rough them up trying to force them to do the opposite.”

Trevor Lunn, Alliance Party Spokesperson on Education. March 21, 2009

Trevor Lunn

Well that’s Alliance leadership for you.

Trevor Lunn futher extolled the virtues of Alliance leadership with the following:

Our core policies have not altered, they are clearing stated and updated recently and I acknowledge the work done by Martin Gregg and his group and our effervescent Europe candidate Ian Parsley in this area. We are clear what our objectives are but in the present circumstances we have sought to build consensus.

Obviously Mr Lunn had no insight into Parsley’s objectives in much the same way that most of the comprehensive-loving but academic selective practicing Alliance members haven’t a clue about the fundamental issues surrounding parental rights in education.