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On Friday 7th August 2009 Caitriona Ruane said:

“I am convinced that when educationalists are seen to be working within the Guidance and delivering a quality education for all children, there will be a realisation that the old system could not continue. At that time, we can return to the issue of legislation.”


This statement was part of a response to a question on cross party support on post-primary transfer arrangements.

 Mr G Robinson asked the Minister of Education (AQW 8875/09) if, and when, she intends to bring forward plans for post primary transfer that will command cross party support.

Minister of Education: The arrangements for post-primary transfer described in the Department of Education’s published Transfer 2010 Guidance attracted supportive comments from 3,054 (95% of all) respondents to the two consultations which preceded its publication.

Of note there is no breakdown of responses contained in the consultation response document on the DENI website. It seems that the Minister can make up statistics ad lib to reply to MLAs. Check it out for yourself. http://www.deni.gov.uk/summary_report_of_transfer_2010_consultation_responses.pdf

It is now left to the Belfast Telegraph to sort the mess out. Good luck differentiating between fact and fiction.