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The Minister of Education, Caitriona Ruane granted conditional approval in May 2009 for the development proposal of the NEELB to transform Parkhall College in Antrim.

The Board of Governors of the school had conducted an unprecedented FOUR ballots of parents in order to eventually obtain the necessary condition.

 In response to a Freedom of Information Act request made by PACE to the Department of Education in October it was revealed that;

 “in 2009/10  the  total enrolment of Catholics was 2.2%. The number of Catholics in year 8 is under 5. The percentage therefore would be disclosive and cannot be published.”

DENI Development Branch

Parkhall Integration: the cold hard facts

 Despite the inability of the NEELB,NICIE and the Board of Governors of Parkhall to attract pupils from the Catholic community contrary to their claims of parental demand the Board of Governors of Parkhall have changed the name of the school.

Parkhall Integrated School: the predetermined outcome

The website establishment was a decision of the Board of Governors but not communicated to parents until last week

No mention of the Board of Governors on this website.