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The Northern Ireland First Minister Peter Robinson, has proposed a change to the decision making process of the Stormont Executive.

Robinson's Surrender Pact


When applied to the blocked decision of the Education Minister to end academic selection the consequences of Robinson’s folly become apparent. Three parties represented in the current Executive, Sinn Fein, the SDLP and the Ulster Unionist/Conservative are all opposed to academic selection at 11. If Policing and Justice were devolved it would mean the Alliance Party would join the Executive and add their anti-academic selection position to the mix. Mr Robinson’s DUP could loudly claim that the ending of academic selection at 11 was not their fault and that the decision was a positive example of  the ending of  “party political point-scoring over good government”.

“I am concerned that the failure of the Executive to take certain decisions is taking a toll on the Executive’s credibility with the public.”

Peter Robinson, Northern Ireland First Minister and leader of the Democratic Unionist Party.

Mr Robinson’s use of irony is matched only by the Education Minister’s claims to value equality. Both have now adopted the equality of result or outcome model. A Marxist system which typifies the DUP -Sinn Fein coalition. It is little wonder that parents and pupils have fallen victim to the political mismanagement of the mandatory coalition in order to preserve the greedy self-interests of a failed political system.