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For those parents suggesting that Incas assessment scores should be used to determine admission to grammar schools instead of objective testing of attainment- a note of caution from PACE.

When the problems surrounding the expensive CEM software failures were first raised in late 2009 PACE obtained confidential communications from the Incas team to CCEA using the Freedom of Information Act 2000 ( FOI).


“What we would like to do is to extract the relevant files from the schools’ file servers automatically without having to contact the schools directly.  We understand that C2k can access files on the schools’ file servers directly.  If we can have these files forwarded to us, perhaps through some secure ftp method, we can update schools’ feedback without them knowing there were any problems.”

“It is also worth noting that the subscale scores are for information for teachers, not for parents.”

The Department of Education also cautioned against Incas.


 So while parents are crying out for accurate information on the results of transfer tests they are being kept in the dark by unaccountable educationalists profiting from testing activities.

and a further concern ….

Sparkebox link to DENI and C2k


Sparklebox was originally blocked in late 2009 by councils. Concerns over the sites security were cited in an email to teachers explaining the block. Originally many teachers were confused and some angered over the block, as it was a site that many relied on for essential classroom resources. Kent County Council issued a statement confirming the block, “we feel it right to block the site centrally until more information is available and review whether this site should be blocked permanently after consulting schools and other sources.”

It seems that the Minister, Caitriona Ruane, her Department and computer infrastructure team, C2k must not have accessed the internet in early January otherwise they could not have missed the following post http://www.neowin.net/news/main/10/01/14/uk-schools-blocking-sparklebox-as-owner-is-a-paedo

Are you confident in your child’s security with computers at school or reassured by the Minister’s statement?