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Peter Robinson this morning signaled his personal willingness to sacrifice the principle of academic selection in order to stay in power. In a statement conveniently timed with Cardinal Brady’s announcement for the future comprehensivisation of Catholic education, the DUP leader has signalled to Sinn Fein and other anti-selection that it is now safe for them to make academic selection and the 11-plus an issue over which they can threaten to bring down the Northern Ireland Executive. Peter Robinson has made the principle of selection negotiable.

“I am determined to ensure that an academic option is available to those from all backgrounds who wish to pursue this path.”

Peter Robinson First Minister

Unfortunately Mr Robinson has not insisted that during the interim period before any introduction of  Computer Adaptive Testing, the AQE CEA 11-plus must become  the only acceptable exams option not the GL Assessment one day and  inferior approach.

Leaving the decision on agreeing a single test to grammar school principals at a meeting in Methodist College this evening is akin to Peter Robinson and the DUP  insisting the the Ulster Unionists endorse the Hillsborough Agreement with Sinn Fein.