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The selection of pupils for admission to a post-primary school is a matter for the Board of Governors of the school.
Some parents/guardians may be disappointed that their child has not been accepted by a school of their preference and may wish to appeal the decision of the Board of Governors.

Independent tribunals have been established in each ELB’s area to consider appeals. These tribunals will


You will have been advised of your right to appeal against Boards of Governors’ decisions at the time of notification of school placement. If you wish to appeal the decision of a Board of Governors’ in not accepting your child, you should notify in writingthe ELB in whose area the school you wish to appeal against is situated, by  Wednesday, 9 June 2010 by 4.00pm.
If your letter indicating your intention to appeal is not received by this date and time it will not be processed.

decide on whether or not a school has correctly applied its admissions criteria but WILL NOT be able to question the validity of the admissions criteria themselves. * (This is because the panelists have no expertise in the matter and the DENI wish to avoid the sentinel issue of determining comparability between one test with a public specification (AQE) and one shrouded in secrecy (GL Assessment). A significant number of parents were induced into having their children sit BOTH TESTS in the belief that they were different and therefore measured different constructs. Parents should recall that it was the DENI who withdrew the regulated transfer test (11-Plus)

An Appeal Form and details of the Appeals Procedure will be issued to you on receipt of your written intention to appeal. Appeal letters received after this date will not be accepted. An Appeal Tribunal considers the evidence that was available to the Board of Governors of a school at the time it was making its decisions on admissions to the school.Recorded delivery is recommended.



An Appeal can only be upheld if a Tribunal finds that the admissions criteria were not applied or not correctly applied and that if the admissions criteria had been correctly applied by the school, the child would have been admitted to the school within the admissions number for the school.If an Appeal Tribunal should find that a Board of Governors did not apply its admissions criteria correctly, and that the child would have been admitted if it had, the Tribunal will award that child a place at the school concerned.