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The first question ignored in reply

This is the undated, unattributed, incomplete and tardy  response received from the Headmaster of Ballymena Academy Grammar School, Ronnie Hazzard in response to an FOIA request sent by the Parental Alliance for Choice in Education in March 2010. The postmark on the letter was 4th June, 2010.

Ballymena Academy joins a growing list of grammar schools appearing to think that the law on providing information, as a public authority, does not apply to them. Mr Hazzard’s personal assistant first claimed that the request had not been received when contacted after the 20 working day deadline had passed. An immediate e-mail with the original request date-stamped instantly disavowed the claim.

Read the request here and note carefully how Ballymena Academy totally ignored the first question and also subtly reworded questions posed.

No doubt the Information Commissioner’s Office will have something to say on the matter.