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Ofqual http://www.ofqual.gov.uk/are investigating a complaint about CCEA’s handling of this years A-Level Chemistry results.  For once CCEA will not have the final word in investigating their own shortcomings. The Education Minister must consider whether the appointment of Gavin Boyd to chief executive of CCEA marks him out as the right man to fall on his sword.



“Ofqual may make enquiries relating to a complaint if that complaint could lead to public confidence in regulated qualifications being compromised, even if the complaint does not comply with all three conditions.” 





Ofqual may investigate complaints about awarding organisation malpractice without requiring the awarding organisation’s complaint procedures to have been completed.

Ofqual will handle complaints from any source, including learners, candidates, candidate representatives (including parent or carers), centres, employers, teacher associations and members of the public. The complainant does not have to be an individual or organisation that has been directly involved with, or affected by, the awarding organisation or qualification.

The Belfast Telegraph have picked up a PA/Reuters article but as usual no commenting is permitted by readers. An explanation is required as to why the BT education correspondent did not pick up and publish the Ofqual investigation herself