The Newsletter carried an article Friday 3rd September ” Academic selection continues despite opposition”. While there is nothing new about this statement the Newsletter made reference to advertisements placed by the Post Primary Transfer Consortium (PPTC) seeking registrants for their GL Assessment test this autumn. Any parent considering registering their child should address the following information:

Parents should be aware of important facts that the PPTC and GL Assessment have refused to reveal.

  • The specification for the GL Assessment test commissioned by the PPTC has been kept secret in breech of testing standards despite requests made to Ballymena Academy. Ronnie Hazzard, the principal, has been a spokesman for the group of mainly Catholic grammar schools. Mr Hazzard is aware of his refusal to comply with the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and persists in denying the remedy despite repeated requests for disclosure.  

  • Mr William “Billy” Young, spokesperson for AQE, failed to mention that the CEA test has a published specification. Parents can see for themselves what their children are to be tested on. Since this is a competition for two different tests why is Billy Young  failing to point out the glaring deficiencies of the PPTC test? He has been made aware of the problems of the untested test but for some, as yet undeclared reason, refuses to mention these serious and damaging deficiencies in public and to primary school parents in particular.

  • Mr Young has suggested that since  the PPTC GL Assessment test was electronically marked that the test was free. A FOI request by PACE elicited the information that PPTC schools had paid approx. one quarter of a million pounds to GL Assessment for the 2010 tests.
  • How many men in the photo above have been frugal with the truth about the politics of education in Northern Ireland?