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While pupils and parents in Northern Ireland await a determination by Ofqual in the investigation of CCEAs failure in the A-level Chemistry debacle. https://paceni.wordpress.com/2010/09/01/ofqual-investigates-ccea-failure/ The Times Educational Supplement has revealed that grade boundaries were tweaked to avoid a glut of A*s.

The August 27th 2010 article www.tes.co.uk  revealed that the practice involved an “artificial” devaluation of the exam marks in order to restrict the numbers of pupils gaining the new A* grade.

Ofquals statistical guidelines, based on last year’s results, suggested that 7 per cent of grades shoud be A* but the final proportion was 8.1 per cent.

In the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine some contributors were rather scathing of CCEAs product.

Grades tweaked?

Of 14 different A-levels in which marks were devalued Chemistry accounted for 18 per cent of overall entries.

Can Ofqual therefore deliver an independent assessment of CCEAs failure or merely compound it?